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Block of Cypress Hill (Pt. 1): Cypress ft. Mike Shinoda “Carry Me Away” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 04/07/10 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, Cypress Hill, Block of Cypress Hill
Cypress Hill
With album Cypress Hill's upcoming "Rise Up" shaping up to be a new school classic and new Cypress materiel flooding the interwebs on the daily, I thought it'd be a perfect time to drop a big fat Block o' Cypress Hill on your domes. So throw on your chucks, light up a joint and polish the lowrider, it's Cypress time.

First up we have the boy's new single "Carry Me Away" featuring Linkin' Park frontman Mike Shinoda (a.k.a. the rock guy rappers like working with cause he can kind of rap). Produced by Shinoda as well - hence the live instrument feel - "Carry Me Away" is one of the most honest and autobiographical tracks in Cypress Hill history; extra props to B-Real for the storytelling lyricism. I don't know what inspired Cypress Hill this late in their careers, but at a time when most groups would be coasting on their laurels they're pushing the boundaries of their music more than ever before.

To celebrate the release of "Rise Up" (on - when else? - 4/20) RefinedHype will be giving away free copies of the album to a few lucky readers. Keep it locked for more details...

Download "Carry Me Away" via MediaFire
Download "Carry Me Away" via UserShare

To get carried away on a cloud of Cypress smoke right now, check out the track below.

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Play Cypress Hill ft. Mike Shinoda - Carry Me Away

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