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CunninLynguists ft. E-40 and Evidence “Running Wild” (Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/12/09 | Filed under Downloads, CunninLynguists
Runnin Wild

If there's a better/funnier name in hip-hop than the CunninLynguists I don't know it, and what's even better is the Kentucky trio consistently turns out quality hip-hop worthy of their name. Case in point, "Running Wild", a dope banger featuring CunninLynguists emcees Natti and Deacon The Villain plus E-40 and Evidence of Dilated People.

I have to say, my biggest surprise here is E-40, who's a personal rap hero but has been getting a little soft here. On "Running Wild" he more than holds his own with Evidence, Natti and Deacon, going back to his street roots for a great verse. You'll just have to listen for yourself:

To download click here or here.

"Running Wild" is the first single from the CunninLynguists upcoming album "Strange Journey Volume Two", which drops on November 3. The album tracklist is below.

Strange Journey Volume Two Tracklisting

1. Departure - Part 2 [Intro]
2. Imperial f. Freddie Gibbs
3. Substantial f. eFamm - The WWKYA Tour [Remix]
4. Streets f. Sean Price & Poison Pen
5. Heart
6. To Be For Real
7. Cashmere The PRO f. Deacon The Villain - Tear Trax
8. Jermiside f. Deacon The Villain - Still With Me [Remix]
9. Close Your Eyes f. Geologic of Blue Scholars, Grieves & Macklemore
10. Pit Stop
11. The Park (Fresh Air) [Blue Sky Black Death Remix]
12. Nothing To Give [Live] f. Club Dub
13. Cocaine [Produced by J-Zone]
14. Running Wild f. E-40 and Evidence of Dilated Peoples
15. Witchdoctor f. Deacon The Villain - Everywhere
16. Arrival [Outro]

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