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Consequence x Common x Kid Cudi x Big Sean “Whatever U Want Remix” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 11/19/09 | Filed under Downloads, Consequence
Consequence, Whatever U Want Remix
Consequence, or as I like to call him "That dope rapper who runs with Kanye and kind of looks like him but not really," apparently wasn't satisfied with his single "Whatever U Want" the first time around, because in addition to the original's not too shabby line-up or Kanye West and John Legend, the man's added Common, Kid Cudi and Big Sean to the remix.

Not so surprisingly Common is the best microphonist here, but the other gentlemen more than hold their own. I don't think it will be enough to finally give Con a mainstream radio hit, but it might just widen his fan base, and that's no small accomplishment. Con's upcoming album "Cons TV", produced by Kanye and Q-Tip (yeah, seriously) is set to drop in 2010.

To download "Whatever U Want (Remix) click here or here.

Or to give yourself whatever you want right now, check out the track below. (Sorry, that pun was terrible.)

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Play Consequence and Crew - Whatever U Want Remix

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