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DJ Clark Kent Talks Respect Between Biggie & Jay-Z In This Dope Interview With Frank The Butcher

Posted by Danielle Harling on 09/21/12 | Filed under Videos, Notorious BIG

While the Notorious B.I.G. is hands down one of the most talked about artists in Hip-Hop to this day, it's still a rarity hearing first-hand stories from people who actually knew the rapper. So when a rare, first-hand story about Biggie does surface it's always hella intriguing.

During his interview on Frank The Butcher's "The Butcher's Block," DJ Clark Kent spoke on introducing Biggie to Jay-Z, their "automatic respect" for each other, and how he had to pull a few moves to get "Brooklyn's Finest" made. In the episode, Hip-Hop impresario Hawaii Mike also offers up some interesting commentary on print media vs. online media.

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