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Does The Added 2 Chainz Verse On Chrisette Michele’s “Charades” Ruin Her Comeback Record? (Listen)

Posted by Danielle Harling on 10/24/12 | Filed under 2 Chainz, Chrisette Michelle

Someone please call the United Nations, PETA, President Obama, somebody, because these unnecessary 2 Chainz features have got to stop. For me, 2 Chainz' appearance on Chrisette Michele's "Charades" was the final blow. Chrisette has been absent from the music scene for quite sometime and instead of hearing her angelic vocals at the start of "Charades" we're met with 2 Chainz' singing. Yes, 2 Chainz singing on a record that already features a dope singer. I can't even begin to tell you how confused my ears were thanks to that move.

With or without a 2 Chainz verse, "Charades" is a decent song but it's surely lacking as a comeback record. It's just a little too much on the light and whimsical side for me and it doesn't necessarily have me eager for the next release from Chrisette either.

And so we have yet another 2 Chainz verse that did not help whatsoever in creating a hit record. When will this madness stop?

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