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Chris Brown Decides to “Crawl” Back to Us (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/22/09 | Filed under Downloads, Chris Brown
Chris Brown

The new Chris Brown single "Crawl" wasn't supposed to be released until tomorrow on Angie Martinez's radio show, but this is the internet, so you know how that goes.

"Crawl" is a slow ballad that, like everything he does from now on, will immediately be linked to Rihanna. It's by no means a stretch to view this as an apology of sorts to Rihanna, but whether it actually is or not, that's how it will be interpreted. Especially with lyrics like: "Everyone says were through, I hope you haven't said it too."

"Crawl" is the second single off his upcoming album "Grafitti", and album I predicted during yesterday's coverage of "Russian Roulette" won't sell nearly as well as Rihanna's new album. Maybe Brown should try some porn-esque fashion shoots. On second, no he shouldn't.

(By the way, what does the picture above have to do with "Crawl"? Absolutely nothing, I just saw it and couldn't resist posting.)

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