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I’m Getting Kinda F**king Excited About This Childish Gambino “Because The Internet” Album

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/24/13 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, Opinion, Childish Gambino

I could do the thing where I pretend like I saw this coming and haven been up on Donald Glover/Childish Gambino since the Derrick Comedy days, or I could tell the truth, and if you know me, you know it's going to have to be the truth.

Before the lead up to Gambino's last full album, "Camp", I really had no idea who the man was. In hindsight I had actually been introduced to him at a L.A. show in the pre-"Camp" days, but I didn't even really catch his name at the time. I just did the thing when you meet someone at a loud show/club/lbar where you shake their hand and attempt to bullshit talk and don't bother to say, "sorry, I missed your name" because you'll probably part ways in three minutes and never see them again. And I seriously doubt he caught my name either, or even remembers meeting me.

But the buzz around "Freaks & Geeks" and "Bonfire" was enough to make me listen to "Camp". I dug the album, went back to some of his older music, checked out his stand-up, even watched a few episodes of "Community" (although I won't front, Alison Brie was also a factor in my watching).

I like comedy, I like rap, I like creative/original music, I was a burgeoning Childish Gambino fan. But then the more shrug-able "Royalty" dropped, my fandom was brought down to a simmer, and I mentally relegated Gambino to that category of rappers I'll gladly listen to, but I'm not going to get that excited about.

Lately though....I don't know if I just always underestimated him (a possiblity) or he's gotten better (a possibility) or a combination of both (probably), but Senor Gambinito's been kind of fucking First 48ing every he touches. In fact, every week I'm feeling more and more like his upcoming "Because The Internet" album could end up becoming one of the year's best, and I'm not the only one (word to Mike and Co-Sign3). Let's review why...

"Centipede" (July)

The song that made me go "Oh hey, Gambino's making music again, and this is interesting enough that I should probably start paying attention again." In retrospect, also a hint at the multiple songs/mutliple style switches in one song he seems to be really pursueing.

"Clapping For the Wrong Reason" (August)

A short film/quasi-documentary featuring appearances from porn star Abella Anderson, Topanga from "Boy Meets World", Trinidad James and Chance the Rapper that's actually entertaining because, you know, Glover's actually an actor? Alright, you officially have my attention.

"Yaphet Kotto (Freestyle)" (October 8)

Yeah, this is kind of my shit though. For some reason this became one of those songs I kept playing over and over again - it's the reason I called myself the "worst blogger to ever blog on an open site" for a week. Gambino goes from raps about rapping to raps about police brutality to punchlines to some singing and manages to make every transition completely smooth. Well then...

"3005" (October 21)

Gambino's always have more pop-dance leanings so I'm not surprised, and I get why this song exists. I just don't have a vagina/need to procure a vagina, so I don't really care. Moving on...

"Pound Cake (Freestyle)" (October 23)

As a matter of policy I don't listne to "freestyles', particularly over beats as over-saturated as "Pound Cake", but "Yaphet Kotto" was so dope I decided to give it a shot and holy sweet baby jesus. Even though he sounds and looks like he just woke up from a nap/swallowed a tub of valium, these are some bars. I don't want to say I've never seen someone go from talking to rapping to smoothly (1:20), but I can't remember seeing it before.

p.s. - What the fuck is he holding in his right hand?

"Worldstar" (October 24)

Two minutes and 30 seconds of just some pretty entertaining punchline-driven rap that morphs into some acid-jazz instrumental type shit at the end. "Worldstar" was the tipping point, the song that made me feel like I had to write this article because if Gambino can put together an entire album of tracks like "Yaphet Kotto" and "Worldstar", "Because the Internet" could end up being one hell of an album. Best case scenario, this could end up being another "Acid Rap'; fitting consider his connection with Chance, and I think completely plausible given the level of music he's been turning out lately. The man's clearly driven and on some next level shit right now.

Sometimes the right artist is just in the right mental space at the right time and we get a dope album from it. Only time will tell if that will end up being the case with "Because the Internet", but I wouldn't be surprised if January rolls around and I'm an official Childish Gambino fan. Until then...

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