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The Breakdown: Donny Goines’ New Single “Champion’s Anthem” (Exclusive Interview & Download)

Posted by Danielle Harling on 10/06/11 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, Donny Goines, The Breakdown
Donny Goines Champion's Anthem

We've still got a good month ahead of us before the release of rapper Donny Goines' upcoming album, "Success Served Cold," and he's already bringing some serious heat. His first single "Champion's Anthem" features a who's who of Hip-Hop talent including Bun B, Pill, XV, and DJ Corbett. You're probably thinking to yourself, "Wow, I sure wish I knew what went into creating a song like this." Well, my friend you're in luck because that's exactly what "The Breakdown" is all about.

For RefinedHype's first ever "The Breakdown" Donny Goines speaks on the recording process behind "Champion's Anthem," securing guest appearances for the song, and more.

Humble Beginnings: "The first single, titled 'Champion's Anthem' came about from an initial idea me and the executive producer of the album Maki had and we just built it from there. The first person that came to mind was Bun B. That was a no brainer. Then we started thinking of more people to fit on the record. We knew we needed an anthem type hook so DJ Corbett wrote the first version which was great, but me and Maki had to rewrite it in order for it to fit. We thought of a few more people to include to the mix but ultimately went with Pill and XV. The record is a monster to say the least."

The Recording Process:
"It was a very tedious, stressful but rewarding one. I did my verse like five times. Then rewrote another version in Atlanta after Bun B and Pill sent in their verses.

Come One, Come All:
"I chose Bun cause he sounded perfect on it. Originally I thought Curren$y would've been a great addition but his schedule was hectic. Then after building with Pill down south I knew he would kill it. XV works out of Stadium Red in Harlem and we've known each for along time. I felt he would bring great energy to the table, which he did. There you have it".

What's In A Name:
"It's for anyone who feels like they can't beat the odds. The title just popped in my head and resonated with the theme of album as a whole. I'm very happy how it all came out and I think the people will understand the meaning of the title once they hear it."

"Success Served Cold" will be released on November 11th.

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Play Donny Goines ft. Bun B, Pill, XV & DJ Corbett - Champion's Anthem

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