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Blood Type are Hip-Hop “MIAliens” on Debut Mixtape (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/05/10 | Filed under Mixtapes, Blood Type
Blood Type MIAliens Mixtape
A full 13 years after Outkast released their seminal "ATLiens" album, up-and-coming South Miam rap duo Blood Type are determined to follow in their footsteps with the release of their debut album "MIAliens". Comprised of rappers Chief and Stepson, Blood Type have used their debut effort to showcase their versatility, flowing of wide range of classic and new school beats. Are these guys the next Outakst? No, but no one's the next Outkast. Instead their something better, the next Blood Type. I value originality and authenticity above all else, and as long as these guys stay true to themselves I can see big things coming in their future.

Blood Type MIAliens Mixtape
Download "MIAliens" via MediaFire
Download "MIAliens" via UserShare

To check your blood type right now, check out two of the mixtapes' standout tracks, "The Arrival" and "Relax Yourself".

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Play Blood Type - The Arrival

Play Blood Type - Relax Yourself

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