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BLAX’ “Hustla” Gives New Life to Hustler’s Hip-Hop (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 04/03/12 | Filed under Downloads, BLAX
There might not be another word more overused in hip-hop than "Hustla", or any of its hundreds of iterations, which is why I have now expectations for any track that claims to hustle. But that's also why I was so impressed by BLAX's "Hustla", which takes an old concept and flips it fresher than a Ziploc thanks in no small part to a smoother out instrumental and a frankly outstanding hook.

"Hustla" is the last leak off 2WordsToTheTop and FamCo Clothing's 'Intelligent Design" mixtape, set to drop tomorrow, April 4. Keep it locked for more.

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