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Here’s a Full Stream of Black Milk’s Dope “No Poison, No Paradise” Album

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/14/13 | Filed under Streams, Black Milk

As the hardcore members of RefinedHype Nation already know, we've been discussing how I've shifted RefinedHype away from "music" posts and towards written material (like, you know, this Pulitzer Prize winner). But if this site is all about the people, and the people want some very select music, then I have to give the people what they want.

Trust me, if the only thing you listen to today is Black Milk's "No Poison, No Paradise" album, this will be a day well spent. (Assuming, you know, you love hip-hop.) I don't want to get got up in Dilla comparisons except to say that if you're a fan of Dilla's production/a fan of things that are good, there's a pretty damn good chance you'll dig this, and the rhyme work and concepts are absolutely stellar as well. In fact, after only a day of listening I'm already prepared to put this in my "Best Albums of the Year" list. It's going to take me a minute to decide how high it ranks, but still, I'm confident that come Christmas, it'll be in there. 

Tracklist is below. And if you're feeling like I am, like "No Poison, No Paradise" could end up as one of the dopest albums of the year, make sure you pre-order/buy the album right here. Enjoy...

1. Interpret Sabotage (feat. Mel)
2. Deion’s House
3. Codes & Cab Fare (feat. Black Thought)
4. Ghetto Demf (feat. Quelle Chris)
5. Sonny Jr. (Dreams) (feat. Robert Glasper & Dwele)
6. Sunday’s Best
7. Monday’s Worst
8. Perfected on Puritan Ave.
9. Dismal
10. Parallels (feat. Ab)
11. X Chords
12. Black Sabbath (feat. Tone Trezure)
13. Money Bags (Paradise)

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