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New Andre 3000 Verse Alert! Andre 3K Joins Beyonce & Kanye on “Party” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 06/07/11 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, Kanye West, Beyonce, Andre 3000
I was fully prepared to finally tear my eyeballs away from a pixelated screen when the new Beyonce single, "Party", leaked (with a Andre 3000 verse and Kanye production, by the way) and sleep's just the cousin of death, right? Since I'm too tired to write in full paragraphs I'll have to go outline style:

1) It's actually pretty funny, but is "swag sauce" becomes an actual terms I'm going to hate Kanye forever. Speaking of Mr. West, this beat is either so minimal its genius or so minimal it sucks. It's one or the other, there is no middle ground.

2) Only the real '80s babies will pick this up, but Beyonce's essentially lifting Keith Sweat's classic ode to virginity taking, "Right and a Wrong Way". Word to Keith Sweat, hope he made at least a couple songwriting dollars off this.

3) And of course, Andre killed it. First, can we applaud the man for actually doing a guest verse with some other important people? Dulce Jesus Christo, for a minute there I thought he was purposefully on rhyming on otherwise crappy dance records. Second, no one's better at dropping into random tangents, while still somehow keeping loosely on target, than Andre. You're the man 3 how about a new Outkast track. I'm just saying.

Beyonce's new album "4" hits shelves on June 28.

UPDATE: Download removed upon request - blame the lawyers.

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