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Happy Holidays - The RefinedHype Best of 2011

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/23/11 | Filed under Features, Best of 2011
Santa Gun

Lord knows why, but it's happened. You've spent another year as a citizen of RefinedHype Nation, and I have to say it's been quite the ride. Not only has RefinedHype grown into one of the rappity rap world's premier destinations, we've definitely done it our own....let's say "unique"....way.

To celebrate I'll be taking a holiday break from RefinedHype to try to avoid divorce and remind my daughter what her daddy looks like. I hope you spend your holidays with family and loved ones too. But just in case those family and loved ones are driving you pistachios and you need to kill a few hours on the interwebs, I've turned the homepage into a Best of 2011 showcase, highlighting the dopest shit we turned out this year.

Enjoy, I sincerely thank everyone for their support, and I'll see everyone in 2012.

Check Out the RefinedHype Best of 2011

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