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Top 25 Hip-Hop Songs of the 2000s: #20 Nelly “Hot in Herre”

Posted by Nathan S. on 11/24/09 | Filed under Features, Best of the 2000s, Three 6 Mafia
Top 25 Hip-Hop Songs of the 2000s
With the number 20 pick of our "Top 25 of the 2000s" countdown, and are proud to select...Nelly's "Hot in Herre"!

Anytime you can simultaneously drop a number one single and hypnotize women into stripping, you've accomplished a feat worthy of inclusion in our list, and that's exactly what Nelly did with his 2002 smash hit "Hot in Herre". (And yes, the official amount of "r"s in "Herre" is two, I did my research). Produced by The Neptunes, "Hot in Herre' came off Nelly's platinum album "Nellyville" and was not only the St. Louis godfather's biggest hit, but also garnered him a Grammy for Best Male Rap Solo Performance. "It's getting hot in here...."

First off, we have to acknowledge that before Nelly, St. Louis has almost no representation on the national hip-hop scene. No one's done more to single-handedly put their city on than Nelly (seriously, name another rapper), and although he fell off in in the end of the decade, for that alone he deserves inclusion on this list. And as long as we're talking about Nelly, we have to be talking about "Hot in Herre" (with all due respect to "Country Grammar"). "Hot in Herre" was by far his biggest hit, a track that opened him up to mainstream America. As anyone who was alive in 2002 can attest, you couldn't go to a ball game/wedding/bar mitzvah without hearing this track played over and over again.

In terms of the track itself, "Hot in Herre" is the "YMCA" of hip-hop, meaning that although it's undeniably about illicit sex, it's so damn catchy and entertaining no one seemed to care, not even grandmas who got down to the song at the aforementioned weddings. Production wise this is everything you'd expect from a Neptunes beat; sharp, syncopated percussion and minimal synths, while Nelly delivers a charismatic verses that include at least two classic lines: "Unless you gonna do it..." and "Like girl, I think my butt gettin big." If you don't enjoy this song than I'm sorry, but you probably don't have a soul.

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