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Top 25 Hip-Hop Songs of the 2000s: #14 Missy Elliott “Get Ur Freak On”

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/04/09 | Filed under Features, Best of the 2000s, Missy Elliott
Top 25 Hip-Hop Songs of the 2000s
With the number 14 pick of our "Top 25 of the 2000s" countdown, and are proud to select...Missy Elliott's "Get Ur Freak On"!

Who doesn't like getting their freak know, besides Amish people? Missy Elliott ruled the dancefloor for the span of an entire decade, and "Get Ur Freak On" will go down in history as her signature song. A Bollywood-meets-science-fiction-meets-street rap smash, "Get Ur Freak On" was the lead single to Missy's 2001 album "Miss E...So Addictive" and charted at #7 on the Billboard charts. More importantly, this track could go on in a club full of deaf people and the place would still go crazy. That's how good "Get Ur Freak On" is.

I don't want to start off by playing the gender card, but the more I think about it the more I'm convinced that Missy is the most underrated artist in hip-hop. Not only is she a dope rapper - not female rapper, just rapper - but no one made more innovative dance hits during the 2000s than Missy. From "Minute Man" to "Lose Control" to "Gossip Folks" and about 419 other smashes, Missy made an astounding amount of great party music, and she never really gets the respect she deserves for it. Well she's getting that respect here, and it's coming in the form of "Get Ur Freak On", a deeply complex, eclectic and yet still catchy track that Missy goes in over with her trademark heavily stylized rhymes. There's no way you're not nodding your head to this, no way .

It also has to be aknowledged that this is partially Timbaland's award as well. It's hard to imagine another human being on the planet who could have come up with this beat, but Timbo's presence in no way diminishes Missy's achievements. Trying to figure out who was more responsible for the success of "Get Ur Freak On" and all the other hits would be like trying to figure out who was more responsible for all those Brady to Moss touchdowns. They enhanced each other, brought out the best in each other, and both deserve all the credit they get. Now stop reading this and go get your freak on. The power of Missy Elliott compels you.

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