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What’s the Greatest First Line of a Rap Song?

Posted by Nathan S. on 05/08/13 | Filed under Top Stories, Opinion, RH Nation Answers

Whether you're on a job interview, a date or pressing play on a rap song, first impressions matter. So for this week's Question of the Week, I thought we'd take a moment to review some of the best opening shots in hip-hop history.

This one shouldn't need much explanation, so let's get right into the example. Considering Ghostface Killah is my personal favorite rapper of all-time, in large part because he's also my pick for the greatest storytelling rapper of all-time, I had to go with his opening on "Walk Around":

"It was him, the corner store and the buttered roll / the shit dropped when I gave him two stomach holes."

That shit is lowkey brilliant. In one line he sets the scene (the corner store), establishes conflict (shot the dude twice), and makes us mentally trying to figure out who the "him" in "it was him" is. Plus, the "buttered roll" adds that certain extra something only Ghost can provide. If that's the opening scene of a movie, I'm totally in.

BUT, I recognize that's essentially my own semi-obscure, weird, personal pick. I don't think I can say it's the GOLOAT (Greatest Opening Line of All-Time), just my personal favorite. If we're really doing to have a GOLOAT discussion, we have to start with Biggie's "Juicy":

"It was all a dream / I used to read Word Up magazine."

You know what, I was going to name some more contenders (Snoop's opener on "Gin & Juice", Ice Cube's opener on "Good Day", etc.), but now that I listen to "Juicy" again, now that I remember how many times I've been in a party and heard everyone yell that line when it came on, I'm just not sure who can really challenge Biggie for the GOLOAT crown.

But that's what we're here for. RefinedHype Nation, I'm sure you'll have some more worthy candidates. Let's do the damn thing...

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