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Who Had the Best BET Awards Cypher? (Watch, Direct Download & Vote!)

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/13/10 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, Video, BET Awards 2010
The best part (a.k.a. the only part I give a f**k about) of the BET Awards is their cyphers. After all, last year's cyphers included both the best flow from Nicki Minaj I've ever heard and Eminem's real announcement that he was hear to kill everyone again. So why waste time with anything else? Let's get into this year's cyphers, talk some shit and vote. Sound like a plan?

Kanye West x Pusha T x Big Sean x CyHi Da Prynce x Common (Direct Download)

Kanye opens things up with the only actual freestyle, Pusha T bodies his verse, no one's going to be talking about that Big Sean verse in a week, CyHi is solid, Common does what Common does and then....Yeezy comes back and absolutely murders the mic. Just First 48s it. (You can see who got my vote.)

Bones Brigante x Wiz Khalifa x Yelawolf x Raekwon (Direct Download)

I have no idea who Bones is, Wiz sounds shook (surprising considering how much he smokes), Yela at least brings some originality and then Rae leaves no doubt who the O.G. in the room is. This one will be close.

Tyga x Kuniva x Diamond x Royce Da 5?9? (Direct Download)

Didn't hate that Tyga as much as I thought, Kuniva is as steady as predicted, Diamond is absolutely atrocious and then Royce predictably runs away with it. If you vote for anyone but Royce we can't be friends.

Rev Run (with sons Diggy x JoJo) x Ice Cube (with sons OMG x Doughboy) (Direct Download)

Do I have to watch this? Really? Fine. Considering Cube's sons aren't good enough to guest on a 50 Tyson record and Rev's sons at least have some legitimate talent my votes clear. You're giong to have to convince me otherwise.

Reek Da Villain x Zawcain x Mickey Factz (Direct Download)

You're not gonna rhyme Busta? Really? Really? I have no idea who Reek (decent) and Zawcain (decent) are, and I'm not a particularly big Mickey fan. Shrug.

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