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Bekay and Skillz Rap Up 2009, Who Did it Better? (Listen and Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/04/10 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, Skillz, Bekey
Bekay, 2009 Year in Review
I know it's belated, but I was traveling for the holidays and it just didn't feel right to start off 2010 without taking one last look back at 2009, one of the craziest years in recent memory. In that spirit I proudly present two of the dopest year-end rap ups (pun intended) from Brooklyn emcee Bekay and, of course, Skillz, whose year in review rhymes are a New Year's institution on par with Dick Clark and champagne hangovers.

(By the way, you can listen to both tracks right now at the bottom of the page).

First up is Bekay, an always intense Brooklyn emcee who takes a particularly aggressive stance towards the year that was, and with the amount of f**kery that went down in 2009, I can't blame him. Most importantly, while he certainly serves up your usual assortment of easy targets (Perez Hilton, Heidi and Spencer), he's not afraid to take on some larger - and more dangerous - figures like Kimbo Slice. Kimbo's turned out to be a mediocre professional fighter, but I'd still think twice. Bekay's best line? "Lamar Odom married Chloe Kardashian, the only rule was he couldn’t get caught staring at Kim’s ass again." That one had me laughing out loud.

Download "Bekay 2009 Rap Up" w/MediaFire.

Download "Bekay 2009 Rap Up" w/UserShare.

Second but certainly not least is Skillz, who's been putting out his year in review since 2002 and becoming an integral part of the hip-hop new year in the process. Basically Ben Franklin is to electricity what Skillz is to yearly rap ups. Anyway, this years rhymes feature the usual assortment of hip-hop, pop culture and political references, beginning with Obama's inauguration and quickly moving along to Twitter, MJ, Drake and about 100 other references. The best line? "When it came to r&b Trey Songz was the guy, I'm a grown man but I'm afraid of Lady Gaga." I couldn't agree more.

Download "Skillz 2009 Rap Up" w/MediaFire.

Download "Skillz 2009 Rap Up" w/UserShare.

So, whose yearly rap-up was better? Listen to both tracks below right now.

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Play Bekay - 2009 Yearly Rap Up

Play Skillz - 2009 Yearly Rap Up

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