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Can You Name the 417 Cameos in the Beastie Boys’ “Make Some Noise” Video?

Posted by Nathan S. on 04/22/11 | Filed under Top Stories, Videos, Beastie Boys
As promised the Beastie Boys dropped the first part of their upcoming short film in the form of a music video for new single "Make Some Noise". But more than just a generally dope video, it has more dope cameos in it than - let me think about it - yep, any video ever made. In history. Ever. So here's the deal. The first person to name every cameo in the video undying respect of RefinedHype nation. Plus a copy of the Beastie Boys new album "Hot Sauce Committee Part Two" when it drops on May 3.

I started the list below with some obvious calls. Let's see who can finish it.

Danny McBride
Seth Rogen
Elijah Wood
Rainn Wilson
Will Ferrell

Who else you got?

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