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B.o.B. & Charles Hamilton are Your Neighborhood “Paperboy” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 03/30/10 | Filed under Downloads, B.o.B., Charles Hamilton
B.o.B. Charles Hamilton
Apparently B.o.B. and Charles Hamilton have been BFFs ever since they met for last year's XXL Freshman list, and that friendship has finally produced some tangible results. Today the dynamic duo released a new track "Paperboy", apparently just for the fucks of it, and the results are dope. Produced by the men themselves, plus Woody, the track uses the classic Nintendo game of the same name (pause for nostalgia) as the basis for the beat, which Hamilton and Bobby Ray predictably kill with some predictably fresh and eclectic flows. You don't have to be high to enjoy this one, but it won't hurt.

"Top of the verse, first bar / drunker than a Disney child star" - Charles Hamilton
"I got skills, nun-chuck skills, rowing skills...pretty much flowing skills" - B.o.B.

Well done gentlemen. Well done.

Here's some BTS footage of the recording session. Download links and player are below the video.

Download "Paperboy" w/MediaFire.

Download "Paperboy" w/UserShare

Open up your morning paper right now and listen to the track below.

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Play B.o.B. x Charles Hamilton - Paperboy

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