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When Crazy White Rappers Attack: Asher Roth x Action Bronson “Choices” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/16/11 | Filed under Refined Picks, Downloads, Action Bronson, Asher Roth
We can talk honestly about race and hip-hop, right? White rappers are automatically viewed as wanna-bes, so in order to be successful (Eminem, Yelawolf, etc.) they have to develop styles that are so unique no one can accuse them of ripping off a black rapper's style. Case in point, Asher Roth and Action Bronson, who may have very different styles, and hit very different numbers when stepping on a scale, and very different facial hair growth potential, but share one thing in common - they don't sound like anyone else when they rap.

It's no secret to RefinedHype Nation that I've been pushing Asher as "the rapper who's way better than those who only know him from 'College' think," and there aren't many new emcees making as much noise, or doing as many hilarious videos, as Bronson right now. So I've understandably got the duo's new collaboration, "Choices", on repeat all day.

"Under a submarine bares the kitchen cupboard be / Californication agin’ more than David Duchovny." - Asher
"I’m honestly sick, some would say retarded and shit / My mind sharp cause I eat garlic and shit." - Bronson

Yep, not a lot of dudes out there laying down lines like that. "Choices" is off Asher's digital only "Pabst & Jazz" album, dropping this coming Tuesday, December 20. Until then, enjoy...

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Play Asher Roth ft. Action Bronson - Choices

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