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A$AP Rocky Gets “Wild For The Night” With Skrillex, Probably Should Have Stayed Home (Listen)

Posted by Danielle Harling on 01/15/13 | Filed under ASAP Rocky
A$AP Rocky was really beginning to impress with his stream of releases late last year, but all that has come to a screeching halt thanks to his newest offering, "Wild For The Night." It's hard to pinpoint where exactly "Wild For The Night" goes wrong, but there's a good chance that the song's turn for the worse comes courtesy of Skrillex's unwelcoming, electro-heavy production.

Despite the song's dreaded production there are a handful of high moments on "Wild For The Night." Take for instance Rocky's lyrical ode to Outkast during the second verse, but overall the song seems to be geared towards a certain glow stick-twirling, not-too-concerned-with-real-Hip-Hop audience. Chances are if you've been impressed by past releases including "Long Live A$AP" and "1 Train," this one will blow your mind in the worst way imaginable.

Although A$AP Rocky's "Long Live A$AP" leaked weeks ago, the album finally met its official release earlier today.

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