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ArtOfficial Feels Like They’re “Doing Things Wrong” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/04/10 | Filed under Downloads, ArtOfficial
Is there life after death? Why are we here? Why don't more crews make live instrument hip-hop? All unanswerable questions that have confounded humanity for generations. Actually, that last one's pretty easy to figure out. It's rare to get that many talented musicians together in one group, a rarity that lives and breathes in Miami-based crew ArtOfficial. Fresh off taking us behind the scenes of their upcoming "The Payback" album, ArtOfficial is releasing the the first single off the album today with "Doing Things Wrong". A track that seamlessly combines the group's hip-hop, jazz and rock sensibilities, "Doing Things Wrong" does everything right. I promise, no more terrible puns.

The track is also set to be a part of "HipNott Records Mixtape (Vol. 2)", coming out soon.

Download "Doing Things Wrong" via MediaFire
Download "Doing Things Wrong" via UserShare

To start doing things wrong right now, listen to the track below.

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Play ArtOfficial - Doing Things Wrong

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