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Also Booty: Here’s Video of Iggy Azalea Dry-Humping Her Back-Up Dancers

Posted by Nathan S. on 09/09/13 | Filed under Top Stories, Girls, Iggy Azalea, Mute and Enjoy

Are you ready to go behind the scenes of RefinedHype? This is some real illuminati type knowledge I'm about to drop on you. Earlier I was on GChat with Lucas, discussing an article idea about the interplay between Chicago's epidemic of violence and the drill scene, and this was the verbatim exchange:

Me: Not exactly a light and humorous topic, but important. You up for it?
Lucas: Yeah, definitely. Always up for stuff like this/
Me: Awesome, let's do it. It's hard not to get sucked into the daily cycle of posting new songs and what not, but RefinedHype's core mission is to be brave enough to ignore what doesn't really matter and focus on what does. Also boobs.

I think I just stumbled across RefinedHype's new motto: Also boobs. So in that spirit, now that I've given you over 1,000 words on Jay-Z' album, here's some video of Iggy Azalea semi-twerking onstage, and semi-scissoring with her dancers, that I enjoyed immensely. Iggy's quickly climbing the ranks of the Mute & Enjoy All-Star Squad, and this is exactly why.

Word to TSS for the spot. Enjoy...

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