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Aleon Craft & The Nappy Roots Visit “A Different World” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 07/19/10 | Filed under Downloads, Aleon Craft
Aleon Craft Stargazing Soundtrack
I consider myself a pretty damn good writer, but it's hard for me to improve on producer SMKA's own words regarding his new track with the eclectically dope Aleon Craft and consummate Southern gentlemen the Nappy Roots.

"It's no secret there is something unique about the south. The climate, culture and history have created a completely different world unlike anything else on earth. So much so that traveling southerners are often asked, "What is it like there?" "A Different World," featuring Nappy Roots and produced by 808 Blake of SMKA, is a response to that question."

Yep, that pretty much explains it. I could attempt to expound on that description, trying to put words to the Southern soaked beat SMKA put together, or the slowly drawling flows of Aleon and the Nappy crew, but my words couldn't possibly do justice to the audio, so you're just going to have to take a listen. Now.

"A Different World" is off Aleon's upcoming "Stargazing Soundtrack" project, due to drop in August and featuring RefinedHype favorites Hollyweerd, Mikkey Halsted, Shawn Crystopher, Playboy Tre, El Prez, Young Scolla and a whole gang more. In addition, expect a documentary of Aleon's Stargazing tour, popping in Atlanta this summer, to hit your eyeballs shortly.

Download "A Different World" Directly

Visit another planet (a.k.a. the South) with Aleon right now.

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Play Aleon Craft ft. Nappy Roots - A Different World

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