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Murder Adele’s “Cold Shoulder” Beat & I’ll Post Your Sh*t

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/05/12 | Filed under Features, QuickHits, Adele

First off, yes, I know this is a bad idea. My inbox is going to filled with more crap than a septic tank for the next week. But I already made the mistake of mentioning this on Twitter and approximately eleventy-billion people responded, so I might as well make it official.....

Adele Cold Shoulder

So yeah. I got carried away by how ridiculously dope that instrumental is - you could straight up b-boy to those drums/bells - and opened Pandora's Box. So just this once I'm going to break my "I don't post freestyles" rule. Whoever murders that beat in the most murderous fashion gets a post.

The Rules:

1) No, I don't have the instrumental; it may actually be impossible to get. That's for you to figure out.
2) I'll pick my favorite based on purely subjective, opinionated criteria. Because, you know, there isn't actually any scientific, objective way to measure "dopeness".
3) The contest will run until I get something so dope I have to post it. If I never get anything that dope, I post nothing.

Allright, get to it RefinedHype Nation.

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