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810 Needs Us to “Save Me Now” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/20/10 | Filed under Downloads, 810
810 Rapper Hip-Hop Baltimore
We haven't heard from 810 since he dropped his dope "Glass Half Full" mixtape, but the Baltimore native is preparing to unleash a flood of new material in the coming months, starting with the narratively driven "Save Me Now". Produced by the always golden Mydus, (who dropped off his Dilla tribute yesterday), "Save Me Now" is 810's advice to everyone who's struggling to pursue their dreams, from a young soldier in Iraq to a girl trapped in a loveless relationship. Personally I would have taken another look at the hook, but other than that, we've got another 810 banger on our hands.

"Save Me Now" is off the fresh but aggravatingly titled " Presents: The Playlist Vol. 1", which you can download here. And stay tuned for more from 810 and he makes his way back into our headphones and hearts in the coming weeks.

Download "Save Me Now" via MediaFire
Download "Save Me Now" via UserShare

To get saved right now, check out the track below.

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