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Hey Look, 50 Cent’s “Financial Freedom” Is Pretty Dope

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/08/13 | Filed under Videos, 50 Cent

Oh shit, 50 Cent must have heard Antonio and I talking. (Come on, you know Fiddy's an avid "This Week in Hype" fan.) 24 hours we were talking about how confused Fiddy's sounded for the last few years, how much we miss the rawness of the "Get Rich or Die Trying' days, and boom, just like that the man goes and drops this new "Financial Freedom" joint:

"This was inspired by 10 years anniversary of GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN. I wrote the song so everytime I hear it it reminds me of it. I wrote it the day before yesterday, shot yesterday. It took me longer to find the beat than to actually write it. I didn’t shoot the 3rd verse for you to focus on the lyrics. No GIRLS, no JEWELRY, RAW ENERGY , its just me. Check it out." - Curtis Jackson

It's not quite 50 Cent in his prime, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. Hope we'll hear a lot more shit like this when his upcoming "Street King Immortal" album drops...sometime before "Detox"/whenever the fuck Jimmy Iovine decides it will, etc. etc. etc.

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