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5 Eminem Videos Better than “Survival”

Posted by Lucas G. on 10/08/13 | Filed under Videos, Eminem

Back in August, after a long delay, we finally got some new Eminem. Except it was really just a stocking stuffer. The single off the much-anticipated MMLP2, “Survival” was playing in the background of a preview for the new "Call Of Duty" multiplayer. With explosions, gunfire, and the sound of unsuspecting players getting noob-tubed into oblivion, it was hard to get a read on what the actual song was like. Now, after few weeks removed from his “Bezerk” video, Em has given “Survival” a video of its own.

While it ain’t bad, it wont blow you away either. Considering how talented and unique Eminem is, this seems pretty average and generic. What bothered me the most about the underwhelming video was the shameless "Call Of Duty" plugs. I hate in movies when they have obvious product placement—advertisers, do you think I am stupid and don’t realize what you are doing?—and I much prefer music videos that don’t try to sell me something other than music. Eminem on a bad day is still better than half of the rappers out there, but when you think about all the great music videos he has made like the ones below, it is a step back.


This video/song coined the oft-used term for a overzealous fan of any artist so of course it had to be included. The video really helped bring to life a great story telling song and captured the lyrics perfectly. Props to Devin Sawa who nailed Stan, even though he didn’t say one word; form the weird smile to the strung-out look, he really made you believe he was Stan. The ending is great too, as Em writes the letter to Stan you see the aftermath of Stan driving off the cliff; it is a great juxtaposition. A great video for a deep, through song; it doesn’t get much better than this.

On an unrelated note, what the hell happened to Dido? I haven't heard from her in years.

“Guilty Conscience”

The Dr. Dre Eminem relationship in Em’s songs has always been kind of an inside joke in Em’s music. Em has locked him n his basement and even gone so far as to kill him. The Guilty Conscience video is the ultimate example of the Dre vs. Em dichotomy. Using a some cool special effects, they are literally pitted against each other in this video, representing the angler and devil on the shoulder. I also love Eminem’s off-kilter, erratic behavior in the final scenario. He is so good at looking crazy and it really hammers home his balls-crazy persona perfect for the song.

“The Real Slim Shady”

If you ever needed to show someone one video to summarize Eminem this would have to be it. It is funny, engaging, and outrageous, but also extremely well done. it isn’t serious or deep, but this video is so enjoyable and so much fun to watch. Where most videos are repetitive and old after a few minutes of a rapper standing behind a brick wall or decrepit house, there is something new in each scene as he takes on pop-culture in the early 2000’s and it is what makes this such a classic.

“My Name Is”

As far as debut singles/videos go, it doesn’t get much better than this. Like “The Real Slim Shady” there are so many well-constructed, hilarious scenes, it almost feels more like a collection of SNL or adult Swim skits than a music video. Eminem is by far the funniest emcee in the game and  a large part of that is due to his outlandish, unforgettable videos like this one. Plus, it has a cameo from Gheorghe Muresan; how many other emcees can say that?


Before you shit your pants about including this one, keep in mind I didn’t say the best Em videos, this is only a collection of music videos better than “Survival”. I included this one because if you were disappointed in “Survival” it might rain on your parade of excitement for "MMLP2", but I think Em can still work his magic based on this video. It isn’t anything mindblowing, but the video actually made me like the song more and it still has that same fun-loving feel that his older stuff does. It isn’t his best work, but should you be losing faith, it should be comforting to see that Em can still do it.

After setting off on this endeavor,  I am willing to say he has the most impressive, diverse collection of videos than any other emcee. His videos might be goofy and outlandish, but there are so effective and creative that you can see how much thought went into them. The attention to detail and execution in almost all of his videos is flawless. They are entertaining, engaging and memorable. Even before I just re-watched them for the firs time in years, I could tell you some of the best scenes from “My Name Is” and “The Real Slim Shady” which is especially impressive because they were released over a decade ago. Few have done it as well as Marshall Mathers, so even though “Survival” is more like a "Call Of Duty" plug than a video, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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