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“4 Life” Proves Pill is More Slept on Than a Bottle of Ambien (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/11/11 | Filed under Downloads, Pill
As a born and raised Bostonian I can attest that the east coast hip-hop bias is very real. From the time we were little those of us who grew up on the east coast were taught to believe that anything outside of 500 miles of Brooklyn was shallow and wack. It's a bias I have to actively fight against. and the flip side of the bias that makes Southerners label anything with a beat than sound even remotely DJ Premier "rappity rap rap".

There may be no better example of that east coast bias in action right now than Pill. Yes, he's part of Maybach Music and spends his fair share of time next to Rick Ross stuntin' like Evel Knievel. (Rappers, feel free to use that reference in your rhymes.) But the man's also a legitimate emcee who can display both a powerful flow and serious lyricism - it's just that the east coasters hear that trap beat and their ears and minds shut off.

Pill's trap enough to go "HAM" and lyrical enough to deliver some serious "Thoughts", and new cut "4 Life" walks the line between those two styles perfectly. Don't get caught sleeping on the man.

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