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Krista Ayne is the Booty of the Year (2013 RefinedHype Awards)

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/18/13 | Filed under Girls, Opinion, Debates, RefinedHype Awards

It's that time of the year when everyone does their "Best of the Year" lists, but how many of those can you really read? So around these parts we do things a little different. Ladies and gentlemen and intelligent animals with the ability to read things on the interwebs, welcome to the 2013 RefinedHype Awards!

Here are the rules. First, this isn't a democracy, it's more like a benevolent dictatorship. I chose the nominess after careful consideration drinking. But instead of whining that your favorite rapper/song/whatever didn't make it in, I'm allowing write in votes. Whoever gets the most votes wins that category, even if y'all override my nominations with a write-in vote. Period. I'll announce all the winners on Wednesday, December 18. And I'll be explaining the criteria and nominees for each category every time. Got it? Good. 

First up, we've got the ever popular....

UPDATE: This year's voting is closed. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the winner. 

Probably the category that needs the least amount of explaining; although me being me, I'm clearly going to over explain anyway. First, just like an artist category, this is only about what said booty did this year. For example, it pains me incredibly to say this, but just couldn't put previous booty of the year winners Rosa Acosta and Kate Upton in the 2013 nominees. They were more active in 2012. (Sweet baby jesus willing 2014 will be a comeback year for them.)

Second, while booty is obviously an primary factor, more than mere posterior is at play here. We're really looking at the total package: body, face, personality, etc. Or to put it bluntly, who made you the thirtiest this year? 

Ok, the nominees are below. Get to looking, and voting...


I'm guessing this will prove to be this year's most controversial pick, especially considering how long we spent analyzing the woman's boobs this year. Still, I'm willing to bet that when you think back on your 2013 thirst, whether you want to admit it or not, you'll start feeling a little parched when Rihanna comes to mind. More simply put, that GIF above. I rest my case. 

Kim Kardashian

Did I say Rihanna would be this year's most controversial nominee? I take that back. Take the fake ass debate and multiply it by the automatic controversy that comes with being involved in Kanye...or Kanye being involved in you...and you've got controversy. Still, take a look at that pic above and tell me you wouldn't be rushing home too. Add in a late year "Bound 2" addition to her resume and you've got someone who just can't be left out of this conversation.   

Krista Ayne

Probably this year's dark horse, but if you paid attention to RefinedHype this year, you know exactly why. Easily the most popular "Find Her" of 2013, and considering the "Find Her" pedigree, that's really saying something.  

Lais DeLeon
Laid DeLeon Sexy

To date the only woman to ever make two "Mystery Booty of the Week" appearances. True, that was mostly because of my mistake, but still, the fact that RefinedHype Nation celebrated with reckless abandon thirst both times has to really mean something. 

Miracle Watts

BECAUSE MIRACLE WATTS THAT'S WHY. The real miracle is that she hasn't pulled a small moon into orbit around her booty yet. Am I right? Huh? Thank you, tip your waitress, I'll be here all year. 

Closing notes: Miley Cyrus the clear Worst Booty of the Year winner. Congrats Billy Ray, your seed has prospered on this Earth. Just couldn't bring myself to include Nicki Minaj here, even though she had a big year, because she kind of frightens me. Honorable mentions go to Ashley Moore, Rosee DivineJessica Gomes and, frankly, everyone else

All right folks, get to voting. And you can do your own write in answer in the polls voting is closed. Thanks to everyone who voted. 

And The Winner is...Krista Ayne.......

By a margin that is tighter than the jeans of any of these ladies, Krista Ayne beats out Lais DeLeon for the Booty Of The Year crown. Really though, when it comes to booty, we are all winners here.

Other Categories:

Booty of the Year
Non Hip-Hop Song of the Year
General Awesomeness of the Year
Producer Of The Year
Crew of the Year
Banger of the Year
Song of the Year
Rapper of the Year
Album of the Year

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